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"I want the Gospel to form my character and help me reach my friends"

In 40 minutes a day, for 30 days, an online course will challenge your heart and equip you to share the gospel.    Get started

How can our course help form character?

A Word From Matt Chandler

"I want a course that is theologically rich, practically applied, and that fits my schedule"

With your Bible open and a course on your laptop or phone or tablet, we will teach you to apply theology to your life.

  • 40 minutes a day
  • for 30 days
  • for less than the price of a cup of coffee per day
  • 12 months access so you can start whenever you like and study whenever you like

Each of our upgraded online course follows a step by step lesson plan which includes

  • videos
  • articles
  • study questions
  • personal reflection boxes and note taking
  • practical exercises

"What does discipleship look like in practice?"

Our materials are written by pastors with decades of experience in training Christians to live gospel-centred lives.

The online courses cover four categories, to make you a rounded disciple and disciple maker

  • Bible and doctrine: because what we believe about God shapes our lives
  • Character: because the gospel changes us
  • Church: because we are saved into the community of God’s people
  • World: because we are called to make disciples in our neighbourhoods, and of all nations

Student testimonies

“Porterbrook is all about the gospel. And the gospel isn’t just something we know, but something that changes our lives.”

“Not only is the content forming me as a person, but it’s also allowing me to bridge the gap and reach out missionally to others."

"Since I've been studying I've found myself able to help friends with things they struggle with."

"It's opened my eyes to live a more Christ-centred life."

"I've been able to defend my faith in the work place. It's given me a solid foundation to explain what I believe, and why i believe it."

"Porterbrook has changed me. As a Christian, as a disciple, and every aspect of my life."

"God used Porterbrook to help shape my character. Specific areas of sin were exposed in my life, and lies were replaced by truth. It changed how I relate to my family, and where I find my comfort. It has put them more firmly rooted in Christ.”

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