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Porterbrook Seminary

Porterbrook Seminary is now run by the Acts 29 Oak Hill Academy

After a decade of successfully training church pastors and planters, Porterbrook Seminary is now the first seminary-level course offered by the new Acts 29 Oak Hill Academy.  The Academy allows you to study in-depth in the context of your ministry over 3 years, bring solid theology into conversation with mission, and get input from world-class theologians and pastor-practitioners that will shape your ministry.

Starting in September 2015 and growing in September 2016, the Acts 29 Oak Hill Academy aims to provide excellent in-context theological training and resources across the UK, Europe and 10:40 window.  The existing work of Porterbrook Seminary, training men and women for gospel work and church planting, continues but with a larger vision and capacity to train teams, planters and pastors from diverse cultures and contexts through the partnership with Acts 29 and Oak Hill.

The Academy provides affordable, non-residential training for church planting, leadership, and gospel work, with a strong missional dimension, enabling students to study in the context of their ministries.

Who Is It For?

The Academy trains people in the context of ministry. It is ideal for

  • Church leaders and elders 
  • Church planter students or teams
  • Gospel workers 

Study Commitment

  • 3 years (or study a year at a time)
  • 10-15 hours study a week
  • 5 seminar days
  • 3 residentials a year at a local Academy hub

For more information on course content and prices Contact Us